Immaculate International School

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. (Affiliation No :- 1931624 )

Our Founder

Education finds a so very important place today and the growing need for affective education has become the need of the hour. It was our patron, our founder father, who brought forth revolutionary measures is women upliftment, by establishing educational institutions for women. This sanctimonious saint was the path – finder, the fore – runner and the champion who found the Immaculate Heart of Mary congregation on 16.10.1844.

He brought resplendent illumination in the hearts of Indian women with the glowing spark of education. Our patron strongly believed that education is necessary for women for their all round development of personality , to help them make a good living , culminating in their being as ideal & worthy role players who would pass on their skills to their kith & kin.

He was an embodiment of sacrifice. As a deeply religious and devote ‘with affinity he rendered services to the poor. His love for mankind was unfathomable. By virtue of his strenuous efforts he channelized his services, not only for the sisters of the congregation , but also the betterment of the society . His service to the field of education is so creditable. Annals and historical references speak volumes about our ennobled visionary who was born in France in a city named sans , in the year 1806 , He came to India in 1832 , learnt Tamil & wrote hundreds of books focusing on the women advancement through education and awareness ,

‘Gratitude is the music of the soul’ Empowered by profound regards and an overwhelming sense of awe, we are to contemplate on the service of our patron. He come do puducherry like a rain, like a shine in the year 1840. He led by his abiding by the axiom of the mission. He perceived the feelings of the sisters, accepted them as they are, firmly laid the base for solidarity and made them he ethical and high – principled .He was tireless and unyielding, compassionate in words and deeds. He had a heart that was invested with a glowing will to lead the sisters in the path of service to humanity.

With faith we surrender ourselves to our patron. We recognize with gratitude every grain of sand added to make their shore an abode of learning. The very mention of the name of our founder father conjures up images of a loving father who protects and shepherds the earnest and innocent minds entrusted to his care.

The kaleidoscope view throws light on the steady growth, the school has witnessed and the stellar heights the school has soared, with the munificence of the patron saint. It is with the affluent grace of our founder that the school has been manifesting such an incredible and inspiring run oven the past 3 decades and 5 years dynastic dominance. We gratefully remember the pioneering work of the architect who never left any stone unturned to achieve the ultimate goal serving humanity through education.

Let us open our hearts so that the lord moves us near fruitfully in the years to come.

It is a time of introspection, evaluation and planning ahead with greater hope, zest and zeal and a wider vision.

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