Immaculate International School

Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. (Affiliation No :- 1931624 )


1. Students must come to school in neat uniform. No T-shirt or tight fits.

2. Pupils will keep the classrooms and school premises absolutely clean, thus promoting a clean environment.

3. Damage to school property, disfiguring of walls, indecent language or behaviour are serious offences which may entail punishment and even dismissal.

4. Pupils will at all times show respect and deference to school authorities and members of the staff. They should remember that every child of this institution is a gentleman or lady in the making. 

5. Resorting to unfair means in the examination and tests is a grave offence and may result in detention and expulsion.

6. Any student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue in the school.

7. Pupils should be responsible for the safety of their property. They are advised not to bring any costly articles to the school.

8. A student must obtain prior written permission from the principal before joining any course which could clash with the school programme.

9. Only English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire greater fluency in the use of language.

10. Collection of funds, giving gifts to anyone for any purpose must not be made without the permission of the principal.

11. Pupils should not bring any magazine or periodicals to the school.

12. In all it must be noted that the school is keen on the children maintaining a presentable personality in dress, language and outlook.

13. Every pupil is expected to keep the high tone of the school excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness.

14. Students are not permitted to bring cell phone to school. Violation of this will result in suspension from school.

15. Lunch is to be brought by all the students.

16. Students involved in serious in-disciplinary acts within the school or outside, tarnishing the name of the school will be suspended or issued TC.

17. Students are strictly advised to dress, their hair decently. (Fashion cutting is not allowed)

18. Girls must come with two plaits tied with black ribbons.

19. Nails should have been trimmed properly.

20. Makeup, Nail polish and fashionable accessories are not allowed.

21. No ornamental jewellery is to be worn.

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